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KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – A quick guide to market segmentation and messaging

6 December 2021
Taking the time to identify all the groups that make or influence the purchase decision is key, but a thorough market segmentation exercise runs far deeper than this, giving insight into each group’s needs and behaviour. This in turn makes it possible to communicate with each group more effectively.
Digital marketing

10 reasons why every business should have a website

10 November 2021
There are a surprising number of businesses out there who still have no website, and a load more who’s website is so bad that it puts potential customers off. Here are ten great reasons why every business should have a website… a website that doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, but it must look professional.
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Branding and Brand Stretching

12 July 2021
Bringing in new products and services and entering new markets can be a great way to generate incremental sales… but before you start investing in this approach, it’s worth giving some thought to your brand.
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Website design for small businesses

28 June 2021
A good website will help attract new customers whilst a bad website may actually put people off. This article is designed to help make sure your website is good!
Logos and branding

The 10 Cs of great logo design

24 May 2021
Designing a new logo can be great fun, but it’s important to get it right. This ten-stage process is designed to help make sure your logo is not only something to be proud of, but also that it works for your business now and for years to come.

Making the most of your marketing budget – 9 simple steps

12 May 2021
Marketing activity should be planned to meet your objectives and deliver on your marketing strategy… but to achieve the best return on investment, it also needs to be reactive to changes in the market. These nine steps are designed to help with the planning and to keep the flexibility and open mindedness to focus on what works.
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What is content marketing and why is it so powerful?

19 April 2021
In this article, we’ll answer the following questions: What is content marketing? What are the potential benefits? What makes good content? What makes content marketing effective?
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Remote is the new normal

13 April 2021
The Coronavirus is here to stay and as lockdown measures are relaxed, we should expect to see a surge of infections. As a result, many will choose to lead a more remote lifestyle – but what does this mean for businesses in the UK?
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The marketing metrics minefield

29 March 2021
They say there are lies, damned lies and statistics. I disagree. Statistics are essential in monitoring the effectiveness of any marketing activity… the key is to ensure that the source of the data is understood and that the results are interpreted correctly.
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Six stages of customer engagement

22 March 2021
Some prospects will know about your business, some may be lapsed customers, some may never have heard of your business. An effective marketing strategy will target these groups separately and be designed to initiate contact and nurture the new relationships to build loyalty.
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Six words that should form the basis of every marketing strategy

15 March 2021
With more and more people researching and buying online, it is more important than ever not only to have a website, but to have a great website. Here are ten website design tips to ensure your site performs for your business.
Digital marketing

Ten tips for excellent website design

1 March 2021
With more and more people researching and buying online, it is more important than ever not only to have a website, but to have a great website. Here are ten website design tips to ensure your site performs for your business.
Post-pandemic success

Step 5: How can your business become more flexible, agile and adaptable?

22 February 2021
From a business management perspective, the pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to reshape businesses, making them more agile to adapt to changing market conditions in the future.
Post-pandemic success

Step 4: How can you differentiate your products and services?

15 February 2021
Differentiation can be essential in making a business competitive, but it’s not as black and white as you may at first think.
Post-pandemic success

Step 3: What could you do to diversify your customer base?

8 February 2021
With market dynamics changing and demand shifting, this is good time for businesses to review their position in the market and explore four key growth opportunities.
Post-pandemic success

Step 2: Should your business be offering online transactions?

1 February 2021
Before the pandemic, online transactions were already growing at the expense of the high-street-only retailers; the pandemic has not created this trend, but it has accelerated it. Massively.
Post-pandemic success

Step 1: Is your website working as well as it could?

25 January 2021
A website can perform many different functions, depending on the nature of the business. In its most basic form, a website can be a showroom or brochure for your business.
Post-pandemic success

Five steps to post-pandemic business success – introduction

22 January 2021
Darwin suggested that the animals that are best able to adapt to their changing environment will prove to be the most successful in surviving and reproducing in the long term. The same could be said for the world of business.
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Is intrusive marketing damaging your brand?

16 January 2021
There was time when TV advertising was king, telemarketing was effective, doorstep selling was perhaps not welcomed but was tolerated, and direct mail worked.